Impact on ARServices Employees

Written by our temporary Recruiter, Robert Harley

When an employee starts a new job, they usually find that the most influential people are those who have been there the longest. These veterans of the company know the business well, they know what it takes to succeed, and they have established operating procedures that work well. I believe, however, that there is so much more to a workplace than the business itself. Some companies have employees come in and do their job every day to perfection, but when they leave for home every week they feel that they’ve only earned a paycheck. This situation doesn’t create sustainable happiness for employees, as they as need to be challenged and provided new learning opportunities every day.

During my first three weeks at ARServices, I have left each week feeling as though I went home a better professional with some form of knowledge I didn’t possess previously. Whether it is how to create more consistency in recruitment, the true meaning of dressing business casual, or even the different ways to commute to work on a bicycle. ARServices is an environment that as a professional and a millennial, I feel I can thrive in because I have witnessed ARServices value their employee’s happiness.  Everyone is held accountable, but nobody stands alone. I haven’t been working at ARServices long, but I have learned a lot in my time on-board with the company!

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