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This Week in Federal Contracting – Week of June 12, 2017

As issues like IT modernization and cybersecurity become more pressing priorities for government agencies, agility and technological expertise from government contractors is more important than ever. The private sector continues to strive to understand and anticipate the challenges for these government entities. For these reasons, ARServices is compiling a regular roundup of pertinent federal contracting industry news.

Below are some recent headlines of which the federal contracting community should be aware:


Office of American Innovation, OMB Seek ‘Early Wins’ for IT Modernization

Although President Trump has not yet nominated a Federal CIO, the newly created Office of American Innovation has been closely coordinating with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to continue pushing forward several IT modernization initiatives. OMB is also looking to business leaders and VC investors to help determine technology in which the federal government should be investing. The correspondences are all efforts to show Congress that ongoing IT modernization efforts are on track and showing promise.

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Private Defense Companies Are Here to Stay – What Does That Mean For National Security?

Even though the 10 percent increase in defense spending that President Trump proposed is still not certain, private and for-profit defense companies are likely going to remain an integral part of U.S. national defense. Because government agencies are dependent on these private defense companies, they have become a primary shareholder over the American people, so holding them accountable is crucial.

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Library of Congress reports progress on IT security and modernization

Despite past issues with technological upkeep, the Library of Congress has reported that their ongoing IT modernization efforts are on track. The hiring of CIO Bernard A. Barton Jr. in 2015 has allowed the Library of Congress to make progress on more than 31 Government Accountability Office recommendations and they are continuing to move towards financial transparency as requested.

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GSA combines tech and procurement services, names new FAS commissioner

The General Services Administration (GSA) announced that it will be folding in the Technology Transformation Services into the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). GSA Administrator Timothy Horne announced that Alan Thomas will serve as the new FAS commissioner and noted that the consolidation of these agencies will result in stronger support of the White House and the Office of American Innovation.

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Failing to Respond to Negative CPARS May Affect Future Contracts

While responding to negative performance evaluations is not always a top priority for federal contractors, Anne Marie Tavella from David Wright Tremaine LLP explains why it should be. By failing to respond to negative Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CSPAR) evaluations, contractors risk future contract wins.

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