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This Week in Federal Contracting – August 7, 2017

With the end of FY2017 so near, experts are offering their advice on how federal contractors should approach it. There have also been some major overhauls in several departments with how they approach acquisition and leadership. With these trends in mind, ARServices is compiling a regular roundup of pertinent federal contracting industry news.

Below are some recent headlines of which the federal contracting community should be aware:


5 Ways Contractors Can Jump on 2017 Opportunities before Year-End

Lourdes Martin-Rosa of American Express OPEN shares insights about how federal contractors should approach the end of FY2017. She states, “With FY17 coming to a close at the end of September, it means there is once again a timely opportunity for businesses to land a government contract during this high spend period.”

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What to Expect as the Curtain Comes Down on Federal Fiscal Year 2017

Chuck Schadl, Group Manager for Government Contracting Services at the Georgia Institute of Technology, explains the importance of relationship-building as the end of FY2017 nears. Many are focused on the spending sprees that normally take place during this time of year, but Schadl emphasizes the importance of strong relationships for the following year.

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Mainstays of GSA’s OASIS Contract Office Take New Jobs

With four top execs from the General Services Administration moving out of the integrated services arena and into information technology, OASIS (One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services) has a new chain of command to lead them through the federal buying season.

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Trump’s First Anti-Regulation Agenda Wins Favor with Federal Contractors

The Trump administrations goals to lessen federal regulations that “hinder economic growth” are well underway and present benefits to the federal contracting community. “OIRA’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions, released July 20, said federal agencies expect a 20 percent reduction in completed regulations this year, compared to the Obama administration’s agenda in the fall of 2016.”

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Pentagon Acquisition Reorg is All About Ending Culture of Fear of Failure

The Pentagon is changing its acquisition approach and prioritizing two goals in its Acquisition, Technology and Logistics office: “Accelerate the development and acquisition of cutting edge technology, and change the mindset of those buying, developing and managing technology.”

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