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Exploring the Role of Big Data in the Federal Government

Aggregating and analyzing Big Data is becoming increasingly important to both private enterprises and federal agencies. Today’s complex web of wearables, sensors, social networks and mobile devices is generating a veritable sea of data that can be harvested and utilized. And organizations in both the public and private sector are leveraging their data to identify …Read more


Bringing Long Term Projects Across the Finish Line

In an earlier article on the ARServices blog, we shared a podcast from Federal Technology Insider (FTI) touching on ways federal agencies can ensure continued success and delivery of sustained, measurable results when executing on long-term projects. During the discussion, Jay McCargo, CEO of ARServices, shared insights from the company’s work with the Defense Logistics …Read more

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Federal Government Technology Trends for 2017 and Beyond

Technology evolves constantly and at a break-neck pace. New technologies that can disrupt the status quo and revolutionize the way a government agency or organization operates are constantly being invented and adopted in offices and workplaces. The federal government is constantly looking to embrace these technologies to help improve operational efficiency and to ensure sustained, …Read more