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Security concept: Lock on digital screen, contrast, 3d render

How Agencies can Address Cyber Threats While Accomplishing their Mission

In our last post on the ARServices blog, we shared a podcast featuring ARServices’ CEO, Jay McCargo, that focused on the cybersecurity challenges facing agencies that operate across the globe, and analyzed the cybersecurity programs being executed at the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). In part two of that two-part podcast with Federal Technology Insider (FTI), …Read more


Examining the Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Agencies Operating OCONUS

On the heels of an election that could arguably have been influenced by hacks and cyberattacks from foreign governments, federal agencies and United States military are more focused on the security of their networks than ever before. Unfortunately, securing government networks is a task that’s made much more difficult by the fact that many of …Read more


Employee spotlight: DNFSB site lead Robin Villavicencio

ARServices’ employees are passionate about serving the federal government and working to help government agencies and military organizations accomplish their important missions. The company has employees working on-site and hand-in-hand with government organizations responsible for a wide range of important tasks and for delivering essential constituent services. In a series of posts on the ARServices …Read more