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The personal and organizational impact of a Day of Service

In his last podcast with Federal Technology Insider, ARServices CEO, Jay McCargo, discussed the company’s Day of Service program, and the benefits that it delivered to the company, as well as the community. In the second part of their conversation Mr. McCargo was joined by his colleague, Kelli Anthony to discuss the Day of Service …Read more


Why Sponsor a Day of Service?

ARServices owes much to its local community, and the military community, for its success and growth. And for this reason, the company works tirelessly to serve these communities through charitable giving, philanthropy and volunteering. One of the ways in which the company gives back is through its annual Day of Service program, which provides a …Read more

American Heroes II

Fostering an Environment that Attracts Veteran Employees

Federal contractors aggressively target veterans when recruiting new talent and looking to fill vacancies across the organization. Unfortunately, their efforts to recruit and onboard veterans aren’t always effective. Ultimately, many hiring organizations struggle to connect with veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian life and find it difficult to match their past experience in …Read more