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How the DLA Stays Effective Across Multiple Theaters

In our last post on the ARServices blog, we highlighted a recent Federal Technology Insider (FTI) podcast that featured Jay McCargo, the CEO of ARServices, and John Stanton, who oversees all of the work that ARServices does on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). During that discussion, they took an inside look at the …Read more

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This Week in Federal Contracting – July 24, 2017

As the end of the FY17 approaches, federal agency experts are offering their advice to government contractors in an effort to make the most of pending spending sprees. Agencies are also still looking to improve in-house technologies, but not without challenges. With these trends in mind, ARServices is compiling a regular roundup of pertinent federal …Read more

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DLA delivers for the military – and ARServices delivers for the DLA

ARServices has a deep relationship with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), working to support this essential military organization on multiple fronts and with various disparate, mission-critical projects. In fact, the company recently announced an expansion of their relationship with the DLA, adding COOP support to an existing contract between the two organizations. The existing contract, …Read more