Be a Future-Centric Government

A comprehensive framework from strategy development to innovative technology implementation that drives change.

The business environment is fast evolving, and adhering to changes, implementing innovation, and driving transformation in processes is the most critical step. Our transformation services let federal entities adapt and reprioritize to keep pace efficiently and effectively.

We help organizations in strategy development, financial management, technology implementation, change management, and improving value by focusing on the outcomes. A well-executed transformation enables agencies to operate differently, preparing the entire organization to thrive and be competitive.

Transformation Capabilities to Maximize Value Amid Disruption

To remain relevant and visible in the changing environment, organizations need fundamental changes to their operating model. Our integrated approach from strategy to execution realizes value through their business transformation.

Reinvest, Redesign & Plan for the Future

We have the expertise to address large-scale transformations and deliver business and operating models that provide value to the stakeholders and the community.

Empower Your Workforce Through Human Capital Planning

Improving human capital management by the governing doctrines to accomplish the defined mission, thereby increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of critical business processes.
  • Establish Government-wide systems to support effective learning and development programs.
  • Developing result-oriented Employee Performance Management and Engagement practices.
  • Strategy to ensure the right mix of talent, technologies, and employment models.

Well-Integrated Financial Management Strategy

Our financial and budget formulation strategy applies winning principles that ensure federal initiatives' growth, profitability, and sustainability.
  • Robust resource management activities include programming, planning, budgeting, and execution.
  • Transparency, accountability, clean audit opinions, and compliance with government policies.
  • Cost management and forecasting for better decision-making in budget formulation.

Continuous & Comprehensive Support Services

We assist in visualizing, planning, coordinating, and delivering the federal organization's most significant initiatives effectively through our outcomes-focused services.
  • Portfolio management supports planning, integrating, and implementing an integrated research and development program.
  • Financial management support includes financial analysis, budget analysis, cost analysis, DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution.
  • Maintenance and management of the most critical technology capabilities, initiatives, and gaps for requirements documentation.

Drive New Value Across an Organization

Transform and reimage the system to embrace change and advanced capabilities for driving growth.

Our business transformation strategy develops a culture of an innovative way of working, managing resources, and delivering value. The customer-centric and technology-enabled framework provides comprehensive solutions for federal entities.

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Step Towards Sustainability

Articulate a strategy that aims for a sustainable future. Develop a culture that embraces changes and works towards realizing maximum value.

Agile & Responsive

We keep the processes current and aligned with the rapidly changing dynamics of the business environment.

People-Centric Methodology

Create transformation leaders and workforce for tomorrow, leading to full-value realization and progress.

Success Stories

We embrace change to enable federal entities to create value for the community.

Projects Delivered

We address the most critical issue the federal government faces of delivering efficiency with ever-decreasing resources. Our capabilities in R&D, human capital management, strategic planning, and business transformation have accelerated growth and change for mission-critical projects at every level.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Inspection Support

ARServices provides program management expertise to support the execution of CWC mission in support of the CWC and/or demilitarization operations.

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Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Defense Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO), Systems Engineering Support Program (SESP)

ARServices provides abstract or concept studies and analysis, requirements analysis and definition, and preliminary planning. Assistance is provided in the evaluation of alternative technical approaches and associated costs for the development of a particular system, project, mission or activity.

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Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Research and Development (R&D) PMO Support

ARServices provides support to the Defense Logistics Agency Research and Development (R&D) Program Office to assist them in accomplishing the R&D Program Office mission and objectives. Support services include HQ DLA R&D Strategic Planning and Programming Support, DLA R&D Program’ Office Support and R&D Financial Management Support. ARServices develops recommendations for R&D plans, policies, structure and implementation. Personnel perform analysis of alternative courses of action for project planning, organizing, and controlling R&D office functions. ARServices also provides management and policy analysis support for project-specific requirements and provides data collection, analytical, evaluative and support for an R&D program.

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Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), Administrative Support Services

ARServices conducts the planning, monitoring, execution and close out of various support projects for DNFSB, whose mission is to ensure and enhance the safety and security at our Nation’s most sensitive defense nuclear facilities.

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The Ecosystem

Our partners where we extend innovative transformation capabilities.

Be a Future-Focused Organization

Embrack on a new strategic direction by implementing an agile business transformation strategy that maximizes value and builds breakthrough processes.

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