Agile Program Management Methodology

We provide full-scale program management services that mobilize programs from inception and accelerate to drive high-quality and predictable outcomes.

Our experts perform all technical and managerial functions required to plan, budget, and execute comprehensive and integrated research and development programs. Our services allow for increased control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle - keeping it on track and delivering as per the objectives.

Our methodologies are tailored to each client’s unique demands and organizational culture. Our end-to-end capabilities include Program Delivery, Robust Program Analysis, Technical Program/Project Management, Systems Analysis, Acquisition Analysis/Support, Project Control Analysis, Project Planning, Tasker Coordination/Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Communications, Technical Writing, Requirements Management, and much more.

Our Capabilities that Drive Innovation

Ensuring federal entities stay relevant in the high-velocity, digital-driven world through rapid-paced innovative and transformational processes. Our valued capabilities ensure organizations navigate complexities to prioritize and maximize efficiencies.

Program Management Capabilities That Generate Sustainable Value

Robust project management capabilities enable better decisions and innovation, solving complexities, and provide long-lasting results.

R&D Program Management Services

We develop, design, and enhance robust technical R&D programs, as well as Rapid ACQ programs that maximize efficiency by
  • Anticipating emerging developmental technologies or operational mission requirements
  • Providing requested programmatic policy, and financial management support

Robust Advisory & Assistance Services

We advise and assist the agency in formulating operational and organizational policies by:
  • Integrating well-researched and critical policy-related theories
  • Advise key decision-makers on policy proposals
  • Evidence-based analysis to support R&D processes.

Business Analysis Support Services

To assist with a high level of understanding, we provide inclusive business analysis support to federal agencies through:
  • Systems engineering and technical direction that ensures effective operation of the system
  • End-to-end program support that simplifies decision-making
  • Robust risk and opportunity analysis to solidify the system

Accelerate Change & Embrace Innovation

Strategic use of enterprise technology enables building an adaptable and sustainable future.

We help federal entities utilize technologies that spawn new capabilities and applications. We deliver proven solutions by leveraging our deep industry expertise and applying it to the specific challenges that public organizations face. We work towards infusing government with an innovative approach to deliver outstanding results.

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Adaptable systems learn and improve by themselves, eliminating the friction that hinders growth and helping make better decisions much faster. Powered by the adaption of data and intelligent technologies, we support technologies that make the organization fast and flexible.


Federal agencies must plan to scale services rapidly and seamlessly using innovation and technological advancement. Our outcomes-focused approach to program management increase resilience and flexibility for the organization's critical projects.


Our approach ensures long-term sustainability required for growth and development. By assessing the risk and opportunities, we develop an action plan well-aligned with the organization's vision, mission, and goals.

Success Stories

We embrace change to enable federal entities to create value for the community.

Projects Delivered

We address the most critical issue the federal government faces of delivering efficiency with ever-decreasing resources. Our capabilities in R&D, human capital management, strategic planning, and business transformation have accelerated growth and change for mission-critical projects at every level.

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) Inspection Support

ARServices provides program management expertise to support the execution of CWC mission in support of the CWC and/or demilitarization operations.

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Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB), Administrative Support Services

ARServices conducts the planning, monitoring, execution and close out of various support projects for DNFSB, whose mission is to ensure and enhance the safety and security at our Nation’s most sensitive defense nuclear facilities.

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The Ecosystem

Our partners where we extend robust program management capabilities.

Driving Growth through Innovation

Make a smart move to the future. Adopting technologies and innovation addresses barriers swiftly and strategically to move past them.

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